Four amazing demo pages!


Where V1 already came with two demos to import as demo data, V2 includes all 4 demos that you can see here for you to install in a jiffy! Just pick your favourite demo and import it with a single click to start working from there! Make sure to check out all demos since they show a completely different design and set of features!


New in V2 is the option to just import the style of one of the demos. When doing so, only all style settings from a demo are imported and not the content. This enables you to switch styles on the flow and while you are working with Essenza!

Creative Demo

This demo features Essenza how it was originally designed. The plan was to have a grid based portfolio theme with much more options than other creative grid based themes on ThemeForest. This demo showcases most of the gallery, portfolio and blog options of Essenza.


Corporate Demo

This demo features most of the possibilities with Essenza V2. Having fullscreen pages with custom designed project cases, content sticking out if your browser's sides, etc. It really shows how versatile Essenza is!

You are currently seeing this demo.

Minimal Demo

No submenus, no nonsense. This demo just gives you a fancy dark page with a cool fullscreen slider and some examples of how you can setup portfolio and gallery pages the easiest way possible. Don't forget to check out the use of the mosaic blog here!


Personal Demo

Are you a creative individual? Just want to show your personal portfolio? Essenza suits your needs. Import the demo data of the personal demo and setup this clean and crisp portfolio. It perfectly fits what it is all about: having the focus on your work!